Thursday Night Rides in Richmond Park.

Meet on a Thursday evening at The Roehampton Gate car park of Richmond Park - please note that every February and November there is a deer cull in the park. As hazardous as it may be cycling in London traffic, it's much safer than being shot at (!), so times and routes may vary at these times to avoid that scenario....

The goal is very simple. As the great Eddy Merckx said; 'It doesn't matter how far, how long or how fast, just get out and ride your bike'. But we will have some basic aims. To get stronger and fitter, and to also improve our bike handling skills such as riding in a group, as well as the etiquette of group riding for those that might be a little less confident - hand signals, following a wheel, riding in pairs and single file etc...

Obviously a lot of what we do will depend the numbers we get each time, but the idea is that each session has a purpose. Obviously until the clocks go forward the park will be dark, so bring some lights - they don't have to light up the entire sky, there's more light than you think in the park, but you'll need something to let other park users see you as well the deer! We'll turn left out of the car park, keep it together until Roibin Hood Gate - then we'll all take that hill at our own pace - smash it if you like, or grind up it in a big gear if that's more your thing (like me!).  We'll get everyone back together at the top. From there, we'll stick together until Ham Gate, when once again the plan is to get up to Richmond Gate as fast as you can. Of course we'll reassemble at the roundabout at the top before dropping down to Roehampton Gate - and doing it all over again, twice more!


The Thursday Night Three Lapper.

No one gets left behind, everyone gets better.

Run Club.

Every Tuesday evening at 7pm. Although it has been free for as long as I've run this, I do now have to make a small charge - only £5 per session! Your first session is still FREE!!! Meet inside Planet Organic, Wandsworth, Southside). It's an hour of hard work, but it gets results!



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