A six week programme to take you from where you are now, to be a fitter, leaner, stronger human being, with the ability to deal with the challenges that day to day life throws at you (and may be a few extra ones as well!).


Included in this six week programme;

12 Personal Training Sessions.

Bespoke Programming.

Personal Nutritional Guidance.

Free Run Club.

All this for just £600.


The aim of this programme is to adjust your lifestyle to make some positive long term changes that help you become a happier, and healthier, individual. Although any given diet can lead to dramatic weight loss, it is rare that it stays off in the long term. There is a reasonable amount of evidence that over a period of time, following a calorie restrictive 'diet' for a quick fix will lead to greater weight gain in the long run. So, not only are we looking to put you through an intensive period of exercise, but also share our knowledge to help you make changes to see a long term benefit.


Here is a brief synopsis of what to expect:-



Food diary.

Initial assessment.

Conditioning work. Introduction of movements/exercises, emphasis on endurance levels as well as technique.



Food diary.

Maintain conditioning training.

Introduce strength training. Don't think of strength as size, strong is relative (you v gravity) and pertinant to your individual needs.

Progress Movement/range of movement.



Reduce conditioning volume.

Increase strength volume.

Progress movement/range progression.

Introduce speed/power. Again, please don't have a perception of a muscle bound, protein fed, heavy rugby player necessarily - just a leaner, stronger version of you.



Increase strength volume.

Progress speed and power.

Maintain range of movement progression.

Fix ‘problems’ – individual reanalysis of aspects of training.



Reduce strength volume.

Progress speed and power.

Reintroduce conditioning.

Maintain range of movement progression.



Final progression of speed and power.

Some conditioning.

Reassessment – compare to baseline figures.


If you’re interested then please feel free to contact me by email or by phone or text if that’s easier 07768 871 147


I hope to hear from you soon!

Run Club.

Every Tuesday evening we meet at 7pm. It's only £5 per session; sounds cheap, but it certainly isn't easy... Your first session is still FREE!!! Please contact me for more details - post Covid things can change! It's an hour of hard work, but it gets results!



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