Smash Week.

This is an intense consecutive 5 days of training, consisting of 10 training sessions. Each day there are two scheduled sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon/evening. The morning sessions will be hitting your cardiovascular system with the afternoon/evening sessions aiming at various other physical aspects.


There’s no point in trying to sugar coat this, this will be a tough week of training. It’s aimed at testing your physical capabilities as well as your mental strength. Each training session will be tough, as the week goes on then your mental strength will be tested. The easy option would be to let a session slide, put it off a while, no one will judge you, only yourself…


The morning ‘cardio’ sessions will vary; there are steady state sessions but there are also interval sessions of various intensities which will use various forms of equipment, the rowing ergo, stationary bikes, the dreaded treadmill; equally these sessions may well be adapted to be taken outside, running on the track, may be cycling on the road – of course any safety concerns will be addressed with regard to traffic, road and traffic conditions.


The afternoon/evening sessions will be aiming at other physical aspects. Strength, strength endurance, speed and power will all be worked on at various times during the five days. We will of course use various forms of equipment, below is a general outline of how the 5 days/10 sessions will be worked. Obviously the details will vary depending on each individual client and their specific circumstances – as ever there is no cookie-cutter/one size fits all approach. Everyone is different and will want slightly different outcomes in respect of their training programmes and the aim is that programme fits the individual rather than the individual fitting the programme.


Please take a look at the information below and if this interests you then please feel free to contact me – and I’ll be happy to answer any queries you may have.


DAY ONE -           Session 1 -           Running/treadmill – steady state.

                              Session 2 –          Strength.


DAY TWO -          Session 1 -           Ergo – intervals.

                              Session 2 –          Speed.


DAY THREE -       Session 1 -           Stationary Bike/Cycle – intervals.

                               Session 2 –          Strength Endurance.


DAY FOUR -        Session 1 -           Ergo – intervals.

                              Session 2 –          Speed/Power.


DAY FIVE -           Session 1 -           Running/treadmill – intervals.

                              Session 2 –          Strength Endurance.


If this wets your appetite for something similar, or you feel this may be a little too much for you at this stage, then please feel free to contact me. Flexibility is the keyword; any training programme that we may devise together will be designed around the time you have to accomplish the goals you want to achieve. If there’s a hiccup along the way, then we can adjust that plan -


Keep working hard and having fun!

Run Club.

Every Tuesday evening at 7pm. Although it has been free for as long as I've run this, I do now have to make a small charge - only £5 per session! Your first session is still FREE!!! Meet inside Planet Organic, Wandsworth, Southside). It's an hour of hard work, but it gets results!



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