Bespoke Exercise Programming.

There is no doubt that a lot has changed in the last 12 months. We all have had to face the fact that we’ve got to find new ways of doing things – work, socialising, playing sport, training – all aspects of life. But the fundamentals of health and fitness are the same; eat well, keep hydrated, sleep well and exercise regularly – as ever consistency is the key.


So, one of the barriers we face is how to keep that consistency when we’re dropping in and out of various tiers of lockdown? We’re still looking for the best way to get fit and strong and then stay fit and strong. The gyms may be open where you are, but it may be difficult to get any structure in your training, and as a consequence you may struggle to see any progression.


It may well be the case that to avoid this predicament you’ve purchased (or even installed) your own gym equipment at home – turned a room or garage (living room!?) in to your own gym space.


What if you could get given a structure for your training? What if a plan landed in your inbox each week for that next week? Or, if you received a plan for the whole month at the beginning of that month. The plan would of course not only be tailored specifically to your needs and goals but also to the equipment that you have available to you, whether that’s your home gym, the work gym or whatever space and kit you use?

We can work towards goals specific to you, whether you want to run faster, cycle further, be stronger, leaner, bigger, smaller or just get past that training block that has always seemed to be just unobtainable. If you’re after specific running/cycling/endurance goals we can sync through Training Peaks, Strava, Gamin Connect to keep track of your progress.


You’ll get a training schedule and an extended support network.


I’m offering two levels of support; -

  1. Monthly - training plan sent your inbox. Including a call, preferably face to face to check in and go through any issues that may arise.
  2. Weekly - training plan sent your inbox. Including a call, preferably face to face to check in and go through any issues that may arise.


Just to reiterate that whichever you pick, the sessions and overall programme will be designed around your goals – what you want to achieve, the kit you have, the time you have (time for each workout as well time in the week) – so you can get the most out of whatever your scenario.


If all this sounds like something that could work for you, then please feel free to get in touch, either via the website or email - - and we can talk through how to get things started.

Run Club.

Every Tuesday evening we meet at 7pm. It's only £5 per session; sounds cheap, but it certainly isn't easy... Your first session is still FREE!!! Please contact me for more details - post Covid things can change! It's an hour of hard work, but it gets results!



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