Run Club - Want to improve your fitness? Live in South West London?


Run Club, it does exactly what it says in the title. We meet inside Planet Organic, the home of Local Motion ( and then we go running...! It's in Southside, Wandsworth, right opposite Sainsburys. It lasts an hour, it's on a Tuesday eve at 7pm and you can try it out for free. What's stopping you..? 


It is of course, so much more than just 'a run'. After a comprehensive warm up, we'll be doing various intervals, sometimes over a set distance, sometimes over a set time, perhaps even racing up a hill (or two, or three...). All this means that the faster ones can speed off and the rest of us can plough on at our own pace. Then during the rest periods we all get back together!



'Running for an hour? I can hardly run for the bus!' The idea is not to drill people in to the ground, yes you'll be working hard, but at your own level - Mr Rudisha's 800m record will be there for a while... The hour includes a warm up and a cool down. There'll be plenty of running drills in between to improve your efficiency and to try to help you stay injury free. Yes, you'll be tired when we've finished, but hopefully you'll learn something. We'll also make it progressive, so there's no excuse for getting bored doing the same old drills...


Please contact me if you're coming so I can keep an eye on numbers!





Run Club.

Every Tuesday evening at 7pm. Although it has been free for as long as I've run this, I do now have to make a small charge - only £5 per session! Your first session is still FREE!!! Meet inside Planet Organic, Wandsworth, Southside). It's an hour of hard work, but it gets results!



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