What Do You Want to Achieve?

Should you run to get in shape? Or get in shape to run...? 


We all have our reasons for running, and I would never discourage anyone from trying to be more active. Unfortunately we are all born with our own individual genetic patterns - but that in no way guarantees that you'll end up getting injured or hurt by running. It just means that some of us can't just start jomping around fields, trails or tracks without a little preparation and guidance.


Genetics loads the gun. Lifestyle pulls the trigger.

Fat Reduction.

Let's face it, most of us would like to get a little leaner. A lean, athletic look is associated with good health and, just as importantly, it makes you feel better!


It's not all about plodding around your local park for as long as you can. There are many ways to shed those excess pounds - there is no way that you're going to lose weight and keep that weight off by taking on an exercise programme that you don't enjoy. Equally, if you don't like the food you're eating then you're soon going to switch to calorie source that you do find palatable! Sometimes we all need a little guidance to help us progress. Getting started is one thing, motivation can wear thin - getting hold of a progressive training schedule will do wonders for your results.

Increase Lean Muscle Mass.

Whilst you're working hard on stripping away some of those excess calories that your body has become oh so good at storing away, you could also work on improving your physical shape. Being strong never hurt anyone, and please don't confuse being strong with being bulky. Being stronger will help you recover from your training sessions more quickly. It will help you become more resilient to injury. It will also, given the right training, help you run faster - and I've never heard anyone turn that down!


If you're taking on a long distance run then being leaner is only going to help you. You'll be stronger and better able to deal with the rigours of the hard training you're going through and therefore more injury resistant. We can work to strengthen your weaknesses and iron out any imbalances that could cause you long term problems and by that process make your running more efficient.

Event Specific Training.

Believe it or not, there are other running events open to the public other than the London Marathon.... 


I know, I'm sorry - I've let the secret out.


If you are taking on an endurance event for the first time, it can get quite daunting quite quickly. I can help you through my own experiences of multi-day long distance events, as well as my experiences of training many others -  together we can form a plan to build endurance and make you stronger and ally this with a nutritional strategy to get you through your challenge however long it is.


Or are you just frustrated that you've hit a plateau in your running. Your training just as hard and putting in the work but you just don't seem to be seeing the improvements. Be that your 5km time, your 10km time, half marathon, whatever your thing is - it's a good thing to crave improvements

Injury Rehabilitation.

Obviously, we generally go out of our way to not get injured! But every now and there we come across variables that we just couldn't account for and end up having to take a little bit of time off to get back to full strength.


If you've got a long term issue, there really is no reason why myself and your physio can't team up together to get you through it, or i could just take over when your Physio has done all they can. Of course, it completely depends on how acute (or Chronic) your injury is but there's always something that can be done.

Run Club.

Every Tuesday evening we meet at 6.15pm. Every Friday lunchtime at 1pm. It's only £5 per session; sounds cheap, but it certainly isn't easy... Your first session is still FREE!!! Please contact me for more details - post Covid things can change! It's an hour of hard work, but it gets results!



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