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Not only is Matt very motivating, he is also inspiring... I am now riding my bike and doing more than just the same repetitive exercises on the gym machines. I have learnt how to vary my workouts and have noticed the strength I have. Matt is very dedicated and will push you further than you ever imagined you could go! I always feel positive after the workouts whether it is a personal training session or outside at the Saturday Morning Mayhem. M, St John's Hill.

I have trained with Matt now for just over a year. I ran a little bit before this but after attending the run club on Tues in rain, snow or sun every week I  am hooked. He is there with us every step of the way and varies the work out every 4 weeks or so which makes it challenging and fun. My endurance and speed I feel has come on leaps and bounds! We are a friendly group, even having drinks evenings every so often! 
The Sat sessions are hard work and I ache afterwards but have noticed incredible improvement in my fitness and strength after regularly attending these.
I am not one for gyms so the outdoor workouts Matt provides are ideal. They are affordable but feel very tailored to each individual.
He has a great manner and it is good fun and very motivating training with him. I thoroughly recommend! J, Wandsworth Old Town.

When I started working with Matt, I had minimal knowledge of how to train in the gym effectively, lacked confidence to even be in the gym on a regular basis, and had a muddled set of fitness goals which probably changed on a weekly basis.


Working with Matt I’ve not only grown in confidence and ability, but learned a tremendous amount about my diet, the importance of recovery, and the benefits of getting out of work on time for a good work out! Matt is an incredibly motivational, supportive trainer, who over the past 5 years has helped me to pursue a range of objectives from building my upper body strength to getting round a half marathon in one piece.


Matt’s knowledgeable, enthusiastic and committed approach has been enormously beneficial and I can’t recommend him enough. P. Vos. Southfields.


Dear Matt,


Thank you for your support over the last year - you made training fun (as well as hard work!) and I'm now fitter than I've ever been. Plus the main target was to take the weight off pre-wedding and I managed two stone with your help!! 


I'd certainly recommend you to anyone else in need!


K, Earlsfield.


Run Club.

Every Tuesday evening we meet at 7pm. It's only £5 per session; sounds cheap, but it certainly isn't easy... Your first session is still FREE!!! Please contact me for more details - post Covid things can change! It's an hour of hard work, but it gets results!



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