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 There's some glorious places to ride here in and around London and for a lot of people the focus is on the massive cycling summer event here - Ride London. If you live in London then you can’t help but be effected by it (whether you like it or not!). There are obviously also many other cycling events that are aimed at everyone from beginners right the way up to experienced Ultra Endurance Riders. So how do you improve and train for these events once you've taken the plunge and entered one?


I'm not going to write 1,000's of words here (that in all honesty you probably wouldn't read right the way through). We can save that for another time... What I will do is ask you a few questions, and hopefully that will start to push you in the right direction. 
Of course, if you need any more information, please just get in touch!
First of all, if you have any lingering doubts, just enter it. You’ll not regret it. To a certain extent, do that first one - do it badly maybe - do it better next time.
What are your reasons for doing it? Charity maybe, or just self betterment? 
How far is it?
How far are you riding now?
Does that distance worry you?
What's the terrain like? Hilly? Flat?
Feeding, how do I eat!? Are there any feed stations?What are the distances between them?
Drinking/hydration - how do you drink out of a bottle whilst moving!!? 
How much should I be drinking?
Maybe you want to do longer training rides but not sure where to start or where to go!?
Or you you might want to go faster than last year (we all want to get faster!)?
Would it be a better experience if you were more confident riding in groups?
Is there a group of you that want to take on this challenge?
How on earth do you improve on all that!! Well, my advice would be before anything else to plan ahead. Don’t wait until a month before to think about these things. Get out riding. Then you'll have a much better idea of what you need to do to complete your challenge. As the great man Eddie Merckx said; ‘Ride as much or as little, or as long or as short as you like, but ride.’
I take groups out throughout the year, of various abilities, and help individuals and groups overcome some of these anxieties. Some of it with simple drills, others just by sharing some of my experiences on various adventures and sportives that I’ve done well, and probably more pertinently sharing those mistakes I’ve already made!
We can learn to become more confident in groups, improve communication skills whilst on the move, as well as becoming more confident about route planning and taking rides further afield then maybe people are used to. Perhaps stepping a little out of that comfort zone...
If this sounds like something that you might find helpful, please do get in touch and we can discuss what your goals and barriers are about training and with a little bit of hard work we can get you riding confidently and achieve your goals!

Run Club.

Every Tuesday evening we meet at 6.15pm. Every Friday lunchtime at 1pm. It's only £5 per session; sounds cheap, but it certainly isn't easy... Your first session is still FREE!!! Please contact me for more details - post Covid things can change! It's an hour of hard work, but it gets results!



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